Living the dream

Over the years, many people have told Bob how, as little boys, their kids “dreamed” of one day becoming a Mountville Indian. They looked forward to it like Christmas; worked hard at improving their skills, sometimes at the expense of not playing other sports; hoping it would pay off and they’d make the team when they became old enough.

It’s humbling. It’s overwhelming. So much riding on being an Indian, so much disappointment if they don’t make the team. Such a responsibility.

In the past few weeks we’ve heard about two young men, now in their late teens or early twenties, describing to others in great detail their experiences as an Indian. Neither was on the team.

On one hand this makes me very sad for these young men. On the other hand, it reminds me what an awesome privilege it is to be a Mountville Indian. For one or two short summer seasons, each kid who wears an Indian uniform has a coveted opportunity. It is not an experience to be taken for granted – by the players, parents or coaches. Indian players are living the dream, one many others are only able to dream about having lived.