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Last evening was a pretty rough outing for the Indians. Losses never feel good. A 20-2 loss feels lousy. It may even feel like the worst thing that could ever happen.

It’s not.

Rational people understand that losses in athletic competition are inevitable. The key thing often overlooked though is not giving disproportionate focus to or exhausting braincells on evaluating losses. They’re merely moments – single points in time from which we can learn something of value, then must quickly move on, better in some way for having had the experience.

Morgan Wooten, arguably one of the nation’s best high school basketball coaches, sums it up well. “You learn more from losing than winning.” Okay, nothing noteworthy there. Haven’t we all heard that a thousand times? But it’s the simplicity of his next words that should inspire us. “You learn how to keep going.”

The most important take-away from any loss is finding a way to move on!

So “keep going” Indians! Refuse to dwell on last night’s (or any) loss. Deny permission for a loss to become a defeat. Win or lose, that’s the attitude that will define you as winners of the highest caliber, whether on or off the field!